8th May 2017 – Stoke Park

Just a small window of opportunity this morning to get some fresh air and enjoy nature and I was well rewarded in the hour and a half on my walk around Duchess Pond in Stoke Park, Bristol. Quite chilly to start but it soon warmed up especially with so much activity.

I saw 4 chiffchaffs and a wood warbler (probably feeding some young), a long-tailed tit, a reed bunting, a whitethroat, a wren, 6 swifts flying around (but not coming close to the pond), a heron and a cormorant fishing quite successfully, 4 Canada geese and a good number of mallards (but only one duckling on view). On the small pond there were 2 coots and a moorhen and in the meadows behind masses of crows and jackdaws.

There were white butterflies and a tortoiseshell butterfly and a fisherman who had caught an eel. As well as the beautiful hawthorn blossom there were yellow and purple irises around the pond.



Long-tailed tit

MT1D0453Reed Bunting


MT1D0567Wood warbler (I think)

MT1D0554Cormorant swallowing a fish

MT1D0521Grey Heron grabbing a fish before the cormorant eats them all

MT1D0508A bee making the most of the yellow irises.

MT1D0564The only duckling to be seen

MT1D0602A distant swift


MT1D0590One of the two coots on the small pond

Click below for my gallery of photos from this morning

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