16th April 2017 – Easter Sculpture Festival and Quilting Exhibition

There is a fairly tenuous nature link with my blog as the Easter Sculpture Festival and Quilting Exhibition was held in the University of Bristol Botanic Garden. The garden was the best I had seen it and the sculptures were fabulous in this setting. I haven’t included any photos of the Quilting Exhibition as it was so busy in the Linnaeus Study Room that it was inappropriate to try to take photos. The Quilting Exhibition was most impressive and deserving of the number of visitors it was attracting.



Simon Barnes’s article on hares in this morning’s Sunday Times is well worth a read: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/simon-barnes-the-hare-is-the-real-easter-hero-8t9q66wq6?shareToken=95fdd6655c3cfe583278b58cd8b99735


My  photos don’t do justice to the whole Festival as I only had a fleeting visit (having spent several hours on The Downs photographing peregrines) and there was a biting wind to contend with.

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