12th February 2016

Snuff Mills and Eastville Park

Very quiet through Snuff Mills – only Wood Pigeons,  Mallards, Moorhens, and a Wren.

Eastville Park –  Swans chasing their cygnets off (and a Canada Goose too for good measure). Peter (from the Swan Rescue) was trying to catch the cygnets to take them elsewhere; as he said they find it difficult to take off from the lake. A Grey Heron breaking branches and a Robin in the sun. Heard Great-spotted Woodpecker again. Very few Black-headed Gulls left on the lake.

Right at the end of our walk a Kingfisher near Wickham Bridge in quite a dark spot (consequently poor quality images) but it was a most beautiful sight as it flew under the bridge and off the other side heading up to the weir.




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