18th January 2022 – Chew Valley, North Somerset

Sitting in a damp, cold hide in the middle of January is not quite my idea of heaven but it was certainly better than sitting on the sofa at home. “Nature is good for your mental health” I have read so often of late and I would certainly concur from my experience today.

Snipe on ice
A wisp (the collective noun, I gather) of 5 snipe

It was not a day for great photos but the snipe in front of the Stratford hide at Chew Valley lake were more obliging than usual; and the sight of a flock of teal being spooked by a peregrine at close quarters and a marsh harrier overhead were a blessing for me (but maybe not for the teal). Golden eyes are very cute too.

I wonder how many snipe were hiding in the reeds?
Teal chased by a peregrine
Marsh harrier

A pheasant at Blagdon Lake (which was teaming with ducks) on the way back was the most colourful of the day and a kestrel near Banwell was a bonus.

Pheasant at Blagdon Lake
Kestrel near Banwell