13th November 2021 – Severn Estuary

It was another amazing November morning and we had a pleasant walk along the Severn Estuary from New Passage to Severn Beach and back. We then lingered a while to watch the birds at New Passage.

Amazingly mild and still on the Severn Estuary

We could make out good flocks of wigeon, Canada geese, black-tailed godwits, lapwing and curlew as well as two northern pintail but they were all a bit distant. However, there was one spectacular moment when a peregrine spooked the black-tailed godwits and we could make it out flying above and amongst them.

Peregrine amongst the black-tailed godwits
Peregrine flying above the godwits
Peregrine flying above the godwits
Northern pintail
Black-tailed godwits
Plenty of curlew on the warth
Friendly starlings