9th February 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol

It was very cold as we walked around the park this morning (with a wind chill factor making it feel like -6 degrees) but it was a pleasant experience as it was sunny and there was lots of activity. Coots and Canada geese in particular were very agitated and very noisy as they are getting ready for breeding.

I haven’t seen grey herons there recently so it was rewarding to see the juvenile back and managing to catch some lunch.

Lesser black-backed gulls
A mute swan took the direct route down the lake
Black-headed gull feeling for life beneath the ice
This black-headed gull is beginning to get its black head back
Frisky coots
An aggressive Canada goose
The pigeon looked attractive in the sun
A flock of pigeons take to flight
The decisive plunge
Hang on
Going …