28th February 2021 – Algars Mill, Iron Acton

As part of the National Gardens Scheme we were able to visit the garden of Algars Mill, a 2 acre woodland garden bisected by the River Frome near Iron Acton just north of Bristol.

The main feature of this splendid garden at this time of the year is the spring bulbs and shrubs; in particular the wild Newent daffodils.

It was wonderful on this splendid day to breathe the countryside and to take some exercise in this glorious garden avoiding the crowds of our local park.


26th February 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol

A definite note of optimism today with beautiful wall to wall sunshine – at times there was real warmth in the sun and we even sat in the garden to have a late morning coffee.

The highlights of our walk in our local park were a jay, a gold crest (sadly only one chance to take a photo and I did miserably) and long tail tits (I didn’t fare much better with them either).

I thought the blue tit singing in the sun with blue sky behind was my best effort.

Gold crest
Long tail tit
Male and female house sparrow
Robin in our front garden
Blue tit
Blue tit (other profile)


10th February 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol

To any readers of my blog I apologise that the scope of my blogs is very limited, but such are the necessities of a lockdown. I felt very privileged this morning to have such lovely views of two of my favourite birds: a kingfisher and a grey wagtail. I also enjoyed seeing the gulls (lesser black-backed and black-headed) on the frozen lake, the excitable Canada geese, a crow bashing a nut against a rock and a cute squirrel. I aplologise for a second time that I have included so many photos in my slideshow but hope you enjoy them.

Black-headed gull on the frozen lake
Canada goose with a lot of testosterone
Grey wagtail
Grey wagtail showing all its plumage
Crow showing its ability to use tools
Grey wagtail on golden stream
Juvenile gull
Lesser black-backed gulls


9th February 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol

It was very cold as we walked around the park this morning (with a wind chill factor making it feel like -6 degrees) but it was a pleasant experience as it was sunny and there was lots of activity. Coots and Canada geese in particular were very agitated and very noisy as they are getting ready for breeding.

I haven’t seen grey herons there recently so it was rewarding to see the juvenile back and managing to catch some lunch.

Lesser black-backed gulls
A mute swan took the direct route down the lake
Black-headed gull feeling for life beneath the ice
This black-headed gull is beginning to get its black head back
Frisky coots
An aggressive Canada goose
The pigeon looked attractive in the sun
A flock of pigeons take to flight
The decisive plunge
Hang on
Going …

7th February 2021 – garden birds

We couldn’t face the crowds at the local park today and so my bird watching was restricted to half an hour in my garden.

I was pleased to add two new birds to my garden list (which I am working on – My Garden List) with a wren and a female black cap.

Female blackcap (clealr not intimidated by the goldfinches)
Dunnocks are ground feeding birds
The male blackbird likes the mixed diet
Mrs blackbird was quick to take over
Blue tit
Great tit
Collared dove
Goldfinches don’t always tolerate competition

5th February 2021 – Eastville Park, Bristol

There was a lovely window of sunshine this morning and we risked the crowds at our local park. We were pleasantly surprised as there were fewer people than of late and most were adhering to social distancing rules; also the council (or volunteers?) had cleared the paths of mud.

We looked for kingfishers and dippers but, although everyone and his/her dog had seen them, we were unlucky. We were cheered by seeing long-tailed tits and hearing plenty of robins. Two swans were building a nest on kingfisher island and a cormorant was looking splendid in its breeding plumage.

Long-tailed tit
Robin staking its territory
An extremely loud crow
Mute swans preparing a nest
Cormorant in breeding plumage
“Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest moorhen on the lake?”
“No one beats me for beauty”

There was a new addition to the lake and someone had floated a model Colosseum. Athens-on -sea maybe.

A newcomer to the lake

It seems that this recent addition is the work of The Bristol Duck Project


3rd February 2021 – Stapleton, Bristol

Whilst many parts of Britain are feeling the cold with lots of snow here in the south west of England it was a very mild morning and I was able to do some birdwatching from home without even putting a sweater on.

Great tit on a feeder
Blue tit on a feeder
Blue tit
Robin on a feeder
Male blackbird
Male blackbird
Collared dove checking if the coast is clear
Female blackbird
Blue tit
Squabbling goldfinches
Wood pigeons