24th January 2021 – Stapleton, Bristol

We have had our first snow of the winter and I’m very frustrated at home self-isolating; oh to be able get out and take some shots of snowy scenes! But as the French say “faute de grives on mange des merles” (“for lack of thrushes we eat blackbirds”, in other words “beggers can’t be choosers” or “half a loaf is better than no bread”) and I’ve taken a few shots from my garden.

Female blackbird in my garden
A charm of goldfinches in my neighbour’s garden – she obviously supplies better bird food.
A very blurry heavily-cropped photo of a goldfinch
A distant starling
Spring around the corner?
Spring? Perhaps not yet.
A semblance of colour
My attempt at a bug hotel
Blackbirds I suspect – where are the robins when you need them?
Thank goodness for the cricket from Sri Lanka on the television