5th June 2020 – Framilode, Gloucestershire

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Following the advice of a friend we ventured a little further north of Bristol (further north than our last few excursions to Oldbury Power Station on the Severn Estuary) to Framilode. Framilode is a vllage on the River Severn and we walked a section of the Severn Way towards Arlingham Warth.

DSC00448The River Severn at Framilode

As promised we saw very few people and the terrain was very flat. The only handicap was the blustery weather which at least blew the cobwebs away.

DSC00161You might get a sense of the wind from the meadow


DSC00013A very bucolic scene maybe but perhaps the sheep could have benefited from its coat a few days more?

DSC00122The ancient Forest of Dean on the far bank of the River Severn

We didn’t see much in the way of bird life – just some house martins, a wren with some fledglings, a few shelduck on the River Severn and a couple of black-headed gulls. I also saw my first Small Tortoiseshell butterfly of the year.

DSC00097This poor Small Tortoiseshell could hardly open its wings in the wind

After our walk we drove to Arlingham. We passed the Red Lion on the way to look at the church. There seemed to be a barrel of beer on tap on the forecourt – was this a pilgrim’s way? No, it was simply a barrel of water for dogs.

DSC00480The Red Lion at Arlingham

We can’t wait to go back to do the walk near the Old Passage at Arlingham and visit The  Seafood Restaurant, set at the end of the pennisula on a great ox-bow bend, with some other friends which we have been promising ourselves for some time.

On returning home our friendly robin came to greet us in the garden. He normally stays close to the ground but today the fat balls were too much of a temptation.



Post script

I wonder if The Seafood Restaurant will be reopening after the lockdown (see photo below with “For Sale” sign)?


Such wonderful views from Old Passage.







4th June 2020 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

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I nearly didn’t bother to write a blog about our walk across to Stoke Park on Thursday as, after the eruption of dragonflies on our last visit, what we saw seemed fairly mundane. However, looking at my photos again (and following some encouraging comments from visitors to my blog) I thought that there was merit in sharing the photos, especially of the greenfinch and the chiffchaff.

Of course after the abundance of dragonflies on the previous visit I was disappointed not to see any today. It wasn’t really surprising though as it was dull, windy and cold. It wasn’t surprising either that we didn’t see many other birds because we didn’t hang about.


DSC02107Coot (I was surprised how grey the coots have become)





DSC02168A different greenfinch

DSC02176Canada geese goslings hunkered down







DSC02229All the water lilies need now is a bit of sunshine