3rd April 2020 – Self-isolating in Bristol

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I realise the quality of my photos today are not really worthy of a blog but it does give me a focus in these strange times and its worth keeping a record for myself. Especially as I added a new bird to my garden list (I’m not really keeping a list) when I spotted a distant male sparrowhawk  flying over head – in fact it was probably more likely to be flying over the neighbouring district of Frenchay as it was a long way away.

#stayhome  #staysafe

DSC07583Male sparrowhawk 

DSC07595Male sparrowhawk

DSC07272Dunnock (hedge sparrow)

DSC07280Dunnock (hedge sparrow)

DSC07301House sparrow

DSC07314Lesser black-backed gull

DSC07366Lesser black-backed gull

DSC07412Collared dove


DSC07476House sparrow





1st April 2020 – Self-isolating in Bristol

Even though it hasn’t been as bitingly cold as yesterday it has been a very dull day and my trips to the end of the path didn’t produce much. I did see the house sparrows, which are making a nest in the eves of the roof of the house opposite, mating in a nearby tree but the light was so poor for a decent photo. More and more sparrows are appearing and starlings, crows and jackdaws are collecting nesting materials. The dunnocks have again been looking at themselves in car wing mirrors.

What was quite an achievement was to get a photo of a blue tit on the bird feeder – my presence nearly always frightens them off.

DSC06540House sparrows mating


DSC06695Starlings collecting nest materials

DSC06780Wood pigeon




DSC06821Blue tit on one of my garden feeders


Blue tit on the tree opposite my house

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