3rd April 2020 – Self-isolating in Bristol

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I realise the quality of my photos today are not really worthy of a blog but it does give me a focus in these strange times and its worth keeping a record for myself. Especially as I added a new bird to my garden list (I’m not really keeping a list) when I spotted a distant male sparrowhawk  flying over head – in fact it was probably more likely to be flying over the neighbouring district of Frenchay as it was a long way away.

#stayhome  #staysafe

DSC07583Male sparrowhawk 

DSC07595Male sparrowhawk

DSC07272Dunnock (hedge sparrow)

DSC07280Dunnock (hedge sparrow)

DSC07301House sparrow

DSC07314Lesser black-backed gull

DSC07366Lesser black-backed gull

DSC07412Collared dove


DSC07476House sparrow