Tuesday 29th January 2019 – False Bay Nature Reserve

Another amazing day on this amazing continent. Our hosts Merryl and Steve really indulged us today and and took us to, what I consider to be, the best place I have ever been for bird watching – False Bay Nature Reserve.

The highlights in the main centre at Rondevlei were pelicans, African sacred ibis, glossy ibis, spoonbills, various plovers, black-winged stilts, little egrets, Cape wagtails, Cape teal, red-billed teal, Egyptian geese, Blacksmith lapwings and loads that I haven’t identified yet. It was quite windy and there didn’t seem to be many little birds darting around the beautiful vegetation but there was no reason to complain.

When we moved on to the lakes near the sewerage works (Strandfontein birding area) it was just as exciting as our visit last year, with all of the above plus flamingos, Hadeda ibis, little grebes, barn swallows, pied avocets, and a raptor which I think may have been a black-shouldered kite.

You visit this section by car and you get to see the birds really close up. The birds are not bothered by the cars which aren’t numerous anyway – we didn’t see another car at all today and only two last year.

There was certainly so much else to see but I didn’t want to push my luck too much; our hosts had been so accommodating and the thought of a lunch by the beach at Muizenburg was even more enticing than an overdose of birds.

Thanks Merryl and Steve for a very special day.

dscf5492Beautiful vegetation

img_4321An amazing setting

img_4324Very accommodating hosts

dscf5952Glossy ibis




dscf5993Black-shouldered kite ?

dscf5859Egyptian goose

dscf5809Pied avocet

dscf5830Sacred ibis


dscf5749Red-billed teal

dscf5703Cape teal

dscf5638Cape wagtail

dscf5588Spoonbills and pelicans 


dscf5536Black-winged stilt

dscf5551Kittlitz plover

dscf5556Three-banded plover


dscf6034Hadeda ibis

dscf6035Spur-winged goose


dscf6070White-necked raven

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Monday 28th January 2019 – Hout Bay

Whilst I was looking out at the beautiful view from the balcony of our excellent accommodation in Camps Bay (51, Camps Bay) I saw some Cape White-eye feeding off the nectar of the tree right in from of me.

dsc06527A room with a view


dsc06505Cape White-eye

A little worryingly behind us I could see a fire rampaging on the hillside of the Lion’s Head. However, the fire brigade seemed to be coping well with their helicopters.





We then drove to Hout Bay and had a walk along the beach. Even quite early in the morning the temperature was around 30 degrees, but with the gentlest of breezes coming off the sea it was bearable. As we walked we saw a few cormorants (Cape and Bank Cormorants), some distant Kelp Gulls and a Swift Tern.



dsc06551Swift Tern

As it was getting even hotter we decide to take a boat trip to Duiker Island, the Seal Colony, where we could view thousands of wild Cape Fur Seals close up in their beautiful natural habitat. There were also lots of Cape and Bank Cormorants, some Kelp Gulls and even one Penguin.



dsc06718A Kelp Gull



dsc06748A solitary penguin (Lost and Found?)





dsc06908Pet seal?

dsc06830Chapman’s Peak (outside looking in)

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