6th January 2019 – Eastville Park

Following a twitter tip-off we managed  to bag a “first” on our Sunday morning walk in our local park when we saw a water rail. There wasn’t much else around except for a female kingfisher. But hey ho who’s complaining.

dsc04644Water Rail in normal lurking mode.

dsc04605But then it started to show off.

dsc04626Female kingfisher showing the orange on its lower mandible

Short video of kingfisher


dsc04642Boating seems to have returned to the lake

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1st January 2019 – WWT Slimbridge

It may have been a very challenging day with poor light for photography but there is so much to see (and much of it very close up) that it’s always a delight to visit WWT Slimbridge.

The highlights for me were the constant action of Bewick Swans approaching on their flightpaths, the cranes out on the wetlands, the shear number of waders out on the wetlands and the opportunity to see close up so many exotic wild fowl from all around the world in the well constructed pools.

MT1D8502Bewick swan landing

MT1D8428Crane in flight

MT1D8434Crane landing

MT1D8469Shelduck in flight

MT1D8510The joy of the chase – a lapwing hounded by black-headed gulls

MT1D8802A riot of gulls

MT1D8647Mandarin ducks can be found in the wild too

MT1D8600You don’t normally get this close to a ruff

MT1D8593…or see the sweeping action of avocets so close

MT1D8673Some very exotic birds

MT1D8387…and some very common ones too – blue tits (and great tits) start singing again in January

MT1D8642Some very fierce looking birds

MT1D8545… and some sweet looking ones (such as this goldeneye)

MT1D8722Wigeon in flight

MT1D8621… and flamingos which aren’t going anywhere

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