29th November 2017 – Eastville Park

On our walk around Eastville Park we spent a while looking for the reported firecrest, but no luck. I was quite happy to see a dozen long-tailed tits (one of my favourite birds) and enjoyed the good light to see lots of the the regular attenders. No kingfisher today but plenty of others had seen them.

DSC03462-EditLong-tailed tit

DSC03471-EditLong-tailed tit

DSC03484Blue tit

DSC03489-EditGrey wagtail

DSC03491-EditGrey wagtail

DSC03514Female mallard

DSC03520Muscovy duck

DSC03510Black-headed gull

DSC03537Lesser black-backed gull

DSC03542Mute swan



DSC03554Carrion crow

DSC03559Grey heron


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28th November 2017 – Stoke Park

It was a beautiful morning and so I couldn’t give up a chance for a brief walk around Stoke Park Estate this morning even though I had less than an hour.



There wasn’t a lot about; however, I was very pleased to see a green woodpecker – the first for a long time.



I also saw a flyover grey heron (surprisingly high up), 4 meadow pipits and 6 long-tailed tits. There was surprisingly little on Duchess Pond – just 4 moorhens, 2 mallards and a solitary black-headed gull on the usual post.




26th November 2017 – Chew Valley Lake

We went out to Chew Lake to try and see a hawfinch that had been reported but we had no luck.

The light was not too good so I was very happy to have lots of great white egrets to concentrate on.

DSC02558“I am considerably bigger than you” said the great white to the little egret





DSC02861Goosanders flying by

DSC02949Black-tailed godwit centre stage

DSC03004… before flying off with his mates.

DSC02649Lots of meadow pipits at Villice Bay (40+)

DSC03217… and pied wagtails at Villice Bay and Herons’ Green

DSC02938Lots of wigeon (and teal) too.

And in our garden before we left, a blackbird:




19th November 2017 – WWT Slimbridge

They say the sun always shines on the righteous; it was very gloomy when we set off  but very sunny by the time I had a camera in my hand at Slimbridge; so make of that what you wish.

Some of the highlights of today:




DSC01751More pintails

DSC02071Greylag goose

DSC01618White fronted goose




DSC02151Bewick’s swan



DSC01487Lapwings in flight




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16th November 2017 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

I didn’t really have time for a walk but it was such a beautiful morning that I decided I had to fit one in.

The colours in the park were magnificent but there wasn’t much bird life – not even the reliable stonechats of recent visits.


I was just about to give up, thinking that the 4 moorhens were all I was about to see when I spotted a couple of goldfinches feeding on the teasels.



However, they didn’t hang around for long; but my morning was made when I saw the flash of a kingfisher. How this little bird lifts the spirits. It disappeared in to a bush only to re-appear and settle on a fence.



I know a kingfisher is really no big deal, but I was very happy.

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14th November 2017 – Chew Valley Lake

A morning free to go birding and the weather changes for the worse. Never mind, in between the rain I did manage a few shots of interest.

There are reported to be 30+ great white egrets on the lake and as I watched from Herons Green and Herriott’s Bridge I must have seen a good deal of them. Unlike the grey herons, which mainly stayed put in the same spot, they constantly moved around the lake.

MT1D9659Great white egret at Herons Green

MT1D9840Great white egret at Herriott’s

MT1D9770A grey heron with its catch and a tangle of weeds

MT1D9933Grey heron and little egret at Heron’s Green

MT1D9818Grey heron moving up a couple of metres at Herons Green

The lapwings were almost out of my range to get decent shots, as were the black-tailed godwits, but a few came relatively close as did a goosander.


MT1D9878Black-tailed godwits at Herons Green


MT1D9809The colour of the wigeon came through the dark grey light (above) as did the flash of green of the teal (below)


MT1D9924Great white egret in the rain

MT1D9628Great crested grebe near the dam

MT1D9947You can generally count on pied wagtails at Herons Green

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13th November 2017 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

There was not an awful lot around this afternoon. A song thrush on the path leading up to the motorway and a couple of blue tits; two stonechats, 3 goldfinches, and a meadow pipit in among the reeds beyond the pool and a couple of moorhens and a black-headed gull on the pond.

Did anyone dump a Christmas tree there?



DSCF0324Song thrush


DSCF0333Meadow pipit



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6th November 2017 – Eastville Park

I went for a stroll around Eastville Park this morning and set off in the sunshine; but by the time I was down by the river the sun had disappeared and it was cold and dark and not much bird life around. However, after a chat with a few of the locals, the sun reappeared and a few birds made their appearance.

A kingfisher flashed by on the river, then a grey wagtail came close by and posed in a log.

The dipper was in its usual spot on the river and the grey heron was standing like a plastic model on the small island on the lake.

The black-headed gulls were keen to be fed by passers-by as well as plenty of mallards and a moorhen.

The dipper was still there sunning itself on the river bank as I headed home.

i still find the homeless people living in tents around the park quite upsetting.

DSC00772Grey wagtail




DSC00991Black-headed gulls pinching the pigeons’ food

DSC00992Grey heron



DSC01012Dipper stretching its wing



5th November 2017 – Somerset Levels

A lovely sunny day but quite cold for a trip to the Somerset Levels: we went first of all to Westhay Moor in the hope of bearded tits but no luck and not much else other than lots of shoveler and widgeon.

At Ham Wall we saw no marsh harriers (which I think is the first time ever) and really there was not much exciting about: only one brief view of a great white egret. The most attractive birds were shovelers, gadwall, lapwings and even mallards with their new coats. Right at the end I had my first view of a redwing this year.

DSC00367I couldn’t resist!





DSC00625A distant cormorant

DSC00511Gadwall in flight