12th -24th May – trip to Inner Hebrides

A couple of years ago we had stayed on Skye on our way to the Outer Hebrides and thought that it would be fun to explore Skye and its near neighbour the island of Mull.

The trip was a great success with magnificent landscapes and (in the end) plenty of wildlife to see and photograph.

Here I have displayed some of the wildlife we saw but I have made a blog of our trip (see index) where (for our benefit mainly) there is a brief description of our itinerary and some photographs of some of the magnificent scenery and the wildlife.

The highlights were the white-tailed eagles (sea eagles), the divers (such as great northern divers, red-throated divers, red breasted-merganser, eider duck),  oystercatchers, hooded crows, siskins, wheatears and a twite.

I have tried to provide links to the craft centres and different venues we visited but need to work more on this. Amendments and additions will come soon.

FP5A1291Female white-tailed eagle

FP5A1275Female white-tailed eagle

FP5A1303Male white-tailed eagle

MT1D2130Male eider duck


DSCF7567Male and female eider duck with accompanying gull

MT1D1681Hooded crows




MT1D1693Great northern diver

MT1D2561A dipper in flight


Days 1 & 2 – Friday 12th/ Saturday 13th May

Day 3 – Sunday 14th May

Day 4 – Monday 15th May

Day 5 – Tuesday 16th May

Day 6 – Wednesday 17th May

Day 7 – Thursday 18th May

Day 8 – Friday 19th May

Day 9 – Saturday 20th May

Day 10 – Sunday 21st May

Day 11 – Monday 22nd May

Days 12 & 13 – Tuesday 23rd/ Wednesday 24th May