30th March 2017 – Uphill and Sand Bay

The whole purpose of this blog is to show that it’s not always as easy as you would hope.

I went to Uphill to look for the Short-eared Owl that I had seen earlier in the month with two other keen birders. 3 pairs of eyes and we were bound to get some good sightings. As it turned out we saw nothing of note and the little I did see I managed only poor shots.

After Uphill we went on to Sand Bay in the hope of seeing a Dartford Warbler. No success.

Even the Goldfinch photos I thought I had captured successfully (and joked about) were marred by branches covering the bill.

Only a few Dunnocks, a Wren and a House Sparrow for a morning’s work.




Work? Oh no it wasn’t, just a lovely morning out with a couple of chaps with the same interest. I must say it wasn’t a successful birding trip but great fun all the same.