8th March 2017 – Snuff Mills

It was supposed to be heavy rain but the sun was shining so we went for a walk through Snuff Mills (expecting the worse). As it turned out we got the whole way round without a drop of rain.

We regularly saw 2 Grey Wagtails all along the valley. Perhaps there were more but I couldn’t be sure. There were lots of Robins too but only 1 decent shot. Several Great Tits too.


Near the Halfpenny Bridge we saw a Dipper which was joined by the 2 Grey Wagtails.


Further up we had great views of 2 Jays. There were reports of 3 Kingfishers in a bush but we only saw one (with a fish) on a branch from a distance but got several views of it in flight too.


There were lots of Mallards (20) and a Moorhen.


Quite a satisfactory morning.